Stand and frame systems for banners

Banner Displays: Stand and Frame Systems

Retractable, portable, indoor, outdoor, travel-base, economic—these are just some of the words you hear in reference to a handy product group called banner stands. With this many options available on the market, it’s important to do a little research.

Customers have so many different applications for banners that they often don’t know exactly what they need. But with your help and expertise they should be able to find a solution to meet their needs. First step is to determine your customer’s needs, and then you can research the options and find a perfect match.

Retractable stands, like the Roll Up 100 from Tex Visions are sleek, easy-to-use and portable. (Image courtesy Tex Visions) (Right) The Classic Stand from WS Display, comes in three sizes including table-top and is a versatile stand, able to display banners and rigid signs either single or double-sided. 


Banners can be displayed in many ways—with and without stands. Banner stands and frames lend a professional look to banners. First determine what the customer requirements are for the banner. You many need to answer some of the following questions:

• Indoor or outdoor display?

• Trade show use or show room?

• Freestanding or wall mount?

• Is distance or visibility an issue?

• Travel-base or retractable?

• Table-top or floor standing?

• Single or double sided?

• Fabric or vinyl?

• Changeable or non-changeable?

• Will lights or other accessories be needed?


Once you have a good idea of what the customer’s needs are, you can suggest options that will help meet those needs. Many banner stands provide the same results with different features. Look for economic solutions versus designer stands.

L-stands, X-stands, bamboo stands and designer stands often look the same at first glance. These stands are typically made up of a simple banner attachment and display frame. The banner may be attached to a couple poles with a single floor stand or may be attached at the four corners and stretched across a flexible frame.

The results may be similar, but the hardware, design, ease-of-use and price should all be considered as you help the customer choose a stand. Be sure to ask the customer how often the banners will be switched out and if the design needs to blend with any other signage or office design.

This retractable stand from WS Display features a changeable Velcro strip across the bottom, allowing you to use the stand with multiple banners. The durable travel case holds the stand, pole and banners.

Another stand, often called a Classic Stand, works with both rigid substrates and banners utilizing pole pockets. The top and bottom brackets on the stand are adjustable allowing it to be used with banners in different heights. It also accepts banners on either one or both sides.

I spoke with Lisa Ilaria, marketing coordinator with Tex Visions about the banner systems they offer. She noted that their most popular banner stands are the Roll Up 100 and X-Display 100.

“The products are popular because of their ease of use that complements their clean appearance,” Ilaria says. “Many banner stands perform the same basic functionality, but these two systems are extremely practical for those who need sleek, portable stands.”

Retractable banner stands are great for travel because the banner can be rolled up into the stand. 

Some roll-up stands are available in a double-sided version, and come in a variety of sizes. Many also come with a travel case and optional accessories. Ilaria also pointed out that “with the X-Display 100, the hardware sets up in seconds and the print installs just as fast. Customers find that simplicity and speed is very appealing.” She also mentioned that like the Rollup 100, the X-Display 100 collapses, making it great for transporting and storing.

Tex Visions also offers its unique Triple Display, which provides for three-sided advertising in a single display. Each of the three sides offers 3' x 6'4" of graphic space. 

Take It Outside

When your customer needs an outdoor banner stand there are many options available. Another of our reliable suppliers is WS Display who sells exclusively to sign companies and advertising agencies. Their Zephyr and Zeppy stand offer single- and double-sided options in different banner sizes. The plastic bases can be filled with water for extra stability as well.

For extra outdoor visibility, their Mondo Flagpole comes in 17 foot and 23 foot heights. These banners are great for outdoor events, conventions and sports events. 

A simple wall sign points out a few banner stand options and draws attention to this additional service.

WS Display offers in-house printing which is great for large banners that you may not be able to print in-house. Banner stands can also be purchased separately if your company can handle the printing.

Street Banners are another banner display system that you often see hanging from street lights or poles advertising holidays, events or city slogans. Tex Visions offers Street Banners in eight display options using their street banner hardware. These outdoor durable displays can raise the banner higher up, allowing the advertisement to be visible over a greater distance. They can also be pole or wall mounted for extra versatility.

Frame It

Wall-mount frame systems can be used outdoors or indoors and can be fitted with economical banners. Since banners are an inexpensive product, when compared to rigid substrates, it makes sense to have a professional solution for displaying them.

The Zephyr stand from WS Display is a great outdoor stand with single or double-sided options. Also from WS Display is the Mondo Banner Stand with sizes up to 23’ tall. (Image courtesy WS Display)

I spoke with Nick Dinunzio and Vaiva Babkauskaite of Alpina Manufacturing LLC, makers of Fast Change Frames. Their Banner Grip Frame utilizes straps and clamps to stretch banners of any size to create a smooth, wrinkle-free banner.

The frames are made of aluminum or stainless steel so they will not rust. Loose banners are hung in the frames and adjustable clamps are used to stretch the banner tight. Any thickness of banner, with or without grommets, can be placed in the Banner Grip Frame. Solid substrates can also be used in these systems. The frames are shipped in sections and any size frame can be made.

Another nice feature of these frames is once the frame is mounted to the wall, new banners of the same size can be changed out within the frame. This eliminates the need to drill multiple holes into a building to get a secure installation. All ugly installation hardware is also concealed within the finished frame, creating a professional display. Visit their website at for more technical information (


Ilaria with Tex Visions says that since they sell exclusively to resellers and their buyers want “high quality first, then low cost and plenty of options.” Tex Visions, Alpina Manufacturing, WS Display and many other suppliers provide these options that we graphics shops—as resellers—can offer to our customers.

Alpina Manufacturing offers their Banner Grip Frame which is a versatile framing system that can hold a banner of any size, stretched tight, hiding all mounting hardware within its frame. (Image courtesy Alpina Manufacturing)

Look for durable products that will last for the customer. As Ilaria notes; many of Tex Visions’ “popular banner stands come in an economical version so we can add more value for our resellers.” Use this option to your advantage by giving your customer a range of banner stand options to fit their needs, and educate them on the difference. Instead of being scared off by a product that may be beyond their budget, they may be able to purchase a more economical version, allowing you to still close the sale.

Both WS Display and Tex Visions offer in-house printing of custom banners, flags and fabrics. While we can print banners in-house up to 4' wide, we like to also utilize the services of these and other vendors for large scale projects and printing on unique materials.

Consider keeping a couple banner stands on display in the lobby of your shop. The displayed stand, with banner, also helps the customer visualize the size they may need. We narrowed down the myriad of options to four displays that we feature on a wall sign. While we will of course sell additional stands, we start with this display to acknowledge that we offer a variety of banner stands. 

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