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Featured Project: Flying High in Philly

Tony Kindelspire is digital content editor of Sign & Digital Graphics & WRAPS magazines.

As the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to square off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this Sunday in Super Bowl LII, we present this featured project—in this case, projects—from Philly’s own Big Mountain Imaging, a full-service design, graphics and wraps shop that serves clients from coast to coast. According to Howard Wilensky, the company’s vice president of client engagement, the company has done a lot of work with the Eagles, wrapping for the team directly as well as fans and some of the team’s corporate partners. And lest some of you Chowderheads think we here at WRAPS central are playing favorites—we’re in Colorado, so our team is, well, never mind—we want to remind you that we had a previous featured project related to the other team in Sunday’s game. You’ll find that here. Big Mountain Imaging also has locations in Las Vegas, Baltimore and Ft. Lauderdale.