Featured Project: Fully Vetted

Tony Kindelspire is digital content editor of Sign & Digital Graphics & WRAPS magazines.

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Kenny Tonn of Brand Installers based in Canal Fulton, Ohio, created this wrap on a Corvette using Avery Dennison’s gloss laminate, Sparkle laminate, black chrome, satin black, Rushing Riptide, gloss black, Awesome Orchid and gloss orange vinyl.

This wrap has one to two layers of underlays (gloss orange and Orchid) then a full wrap of Rushing Riptide with dol6040 Sparkle laminate. They took three full length panels, kept all the same direction, going from the driver side over the top to the passenger side. It has gloss black overlays and roof, followed up with Rushing Riptide accents and overlays in satin and gloss with dol1360z. Many of the chrome accents have been covered in black conform chrome to keep with the darker theme of the design.

There are two underlays on the hood and two overlays on the sparkle color flow. They also flipped some of the pinstripe lines to get different shades of the same colorflow as you walk around the car, taking full advantage of its directional characteristics. Photos courtesy of Amanda Shafer Photography.