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Featured Project: A Sweet LED Display

Today’s featured project is by DSA Phototech, which installed these custom manufactured LED light panels in 2014 at ’lette Macarons cookie shop in Fashion Island, an upscale shopping area in Newport Beach, California. ’lette Macarons prides itself on not only delicious flavors but also a “kaleidoscope of colors,” both in their macarons as well as in their architecture and design.

DSA’s LED light panels were used to backlight wall graphics showcasing ’lette Macaron’s colorful cookies. This display was created to complement the overall store design, completed by Andrea Lenardin Madden of design studio a l m project.

DSA Phototech specializes in designing, manufacturing, and importing illuminated commercial displays and poster frames. The goal is to provide display solutions that are not only innovative, but also energy-saving. DSA also provides digital signage.