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Wall-To-Wall Opportunity for Wide Format

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After decades of being out of favor or overshadowed by designer paints, wallcoverings are reemerging as the darling of the interior design world. Wallpaper, murals, and other large-scale décor elements represent an exploding global market. One of the biggest drivers of this explosion is the transition to wide format digital printing — a transition that reflects not only technological innovation but also several intriguing new design trends.

Did you know that the projected growth of the digitally-printed wallpaper market is expected to be 25 percent annually through 2023? Moreover, the revenue from digitally printed wallcoverings is expected to go from $2.53 billion to $7.74 billion in the next four years. In this guide, you will find out how the wallcoverings market is on a roll and what kinds of trends to look out for as a Print Service Provider.

In this free guide you’ll learn about: 

  • Digital transformation of the wallcoverings industry and the trends

  • A promising new market space for PSPs and successful ways to approach it

  • The total package: Océ Colorado 1640 printer, powered by Canon UVgel technology

  • The World of Wallcovering Challenge with the Océ Colorado 1640 printer. Five customers from around the world were chosen to be a part of the Océ Colorado #Wallcovering Challenge. 5 customers + 5 printers + 5 identical media rolls = 1 perfectly aligned wall! #WOW 
    Watch a video of the challenge here

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