Knifeless Tape relies upon its centered wire filament to create sharp, accurate cuts. With the advent of DesignLine, the cut qua

Working with Knifeless Tape

Jason Gunnlaugfson is an account manager for Knifelss Tech,

Knifeless Tape is a product that was designed to trim vinyl any time you are installing on a substrate that can’t be damaged. The product works well on vehicles, but it also has many uses on walls, windows and floors. The product can turn in any direction, create perfect straight lines, and can cut any vinyl sharply and professionally.

Knifeless Tech owner Garry VanDenBerghe developed the product because vehicles in his small Canadian sign shop would sometimes get damaged during tricky wrap job installations. If the staff didn’t have the precise skill that was required of the install, they would sometimes leave blade marks in the vehicle's paint while trimming. After a few make-good repaints, Garry's frustration grew and the birth of Knifeless Tape began. Here we will look at some of the techniques used with this product, as well as some applications. 

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* From the 2014 issue of WRAPS magazine