3M and Miraenanotech Complete Patent License Agreement for Metal Mesh Technology

St. Paul, Minnesota-based 3M Co. and its 3M Innovative Properties Co. announces a patent license agreement has been reached with South Korea-based Miraenanotech Co. Ltd.

The agreement allows the use by Miraenanotech of 3M’s metal mesh technology. That technology is widely used in the construction of so-called “projective capacitive touch sensors” used in consumer and commercial applications. Metal mesh conductors can be used in touch sensors of all sizes; large-format touch sensors are typically used in digital signage displays, conferencing systems and interactive whiteboards.

As part of the agreement, MNtech, a leading provider of metal mesh conductor film, will take a royalty-bearing patent license from 3M.

“We are pleased that after a careful review of 3M’s metal mesh patent portfolio, MNtech has become our first licensee. We look forward to expanding our relationship with MNtech in the coming months and years,” says Makoto Ishii, vice president and general manager, 3M Display Materials and Systems Division. “We will continue to defend our intellectual property rights with other metal mesh manufacturers to enable authorized use of our patented technology by more customers.”

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