3M Announces Plans for 3M Design Center in India

St. Paul, Minnesota-based 3M announces the opening of a new 3M design center in India, its fourth globally.

According to the new company, the new design center will be aligned with 3M’s mission around “collaborative creativity.” It will house a team of designers with diverse creative backgrounds for engagement with partners in business, academia and its customer base.

“Momentum for design and design thinking in India is developing with increased attention and interest, built on great professionalism and focus on customer value,” says Eric Quint, vice president and chief design officer at 3M. “Conversation about innovation, brand experience and the creation of meaningful customer solutions is inspired and enabled by design. The new 3M Design India studio will spark cross-functional collaboration in order to imagine how our technology platforms can generate continued value for our customers and partners in business.”

The new center will be located at the 3M R&D Centre in Bangalore and, the company says, will be inspired by local and global culture influencing the design experience of the space using several 3M technologies, such as DI-NOC and Fasara architectural films. 3M says the open character of the design space and proximity to the labs will stimulate spontaneous collaboration and early design involvement for increased strategic partnership and customer engagement.

The other three are 3M design centers are in St. Paul, Milan and Tokyo.

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