3M Launches Visual Attention Service

St. Paul, Minn.-based 3M announces the launch of a new online service aimed at helping graphic designers, communicators and marketers quickly test the impact of graphic designs and increase the probability that viewers will pay attention to the most important content in the first three to five seconds.

The online tool—called the 3M Visual Attention Service—is based on the company’s expertise in vision science and analyzes all the visual elements within an image, such as color, shape, contrast and text, to accurately predict if a design’s visual hierarchy is strong enough to attract a viewer’s attention. The service also helps designers understand which visual elements will drive the most attention, providing the critical information designers need to guide the revision process.

Photos, creative content, packaging concepts and all manner of creative media can be evaluated in different scenes or contexts. Users simply upload images to 3M’s Web portal, and within minutes, the Visual Attention Service tool analyzes and reveals the results.

The results include a heat map and region map. The heat map highlights areas likely to receive attention within the first three to five seconds. The region map outlines these areas and reveals a score of the predicted probability that a person will look at the area along with diagnostics to show why the region is likely to get attention. For More Information visit www.3M.com/vas.

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