Adobe and Pantone team up to launch a campaign to focus attention on overheating ocean temperatures

Adobe and Pantone Team Up for Glowing Glowing Gone Campaign

San Jose, California-based computer software company Adobe and Carlstadt, New Jersey-based Pantone, a provider of professional color standards for designers, have joined forces for a campaign designed to call attention to dying ocean coral reefs. Entitled “Glowing Glowing Gone,” the effort uses vivid colors similar to those of glowing corals that are responding to rising ocean temperatures. 
“In a desperate bid to survive ocean heatwaves—it’s a spectacle that shouldn’t go unnoticed,” the companies state on the campaign’s website. 
By partnering with the Ocean Agency, UN Environment, and the International Coral Reef Initiative, the two companies hope to draw attention to the ecological crisis. The project features three bright, neon-like hues that mimic struggling coral, Glowing Blue, Glowing Purple, and Glowing Yellow. The colors are the result of a collaborative development with the Ocean Agency, who provided imagery of fluorescing corals. 

The campaign comes as a stark contrast to Pantone’s Color of the Year, released earlier in 2019. Dubbed as Living Coral, the bright, orangish hue represented a coral reef in its healthiest state. 

With the new color set, Pantone and Adobe offer a challenge to designers known as the Glowing Challenge. 
“The only set requirement is the sole use of coral’s fluorescing colors—all three Glowing colors need to be used, with black and white as an optional secondary,” the companies state. “They can be used in gradient form, but no other colors should be used.”
The campaign also features a custom logo with all three colors that designers can integrate.

The challenge runs from through Sept. 3 and entries will be showcased in the campaign’s online gallery, as well as social media pages. 
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