AP Lazer Now Offers Leasing Program for Educational Institutions

AP Lazer Now Offers Leasing Program for Educational Institutions

Lansing, Michigan-based AP Lazer, manufacturers of laser engravers and accessories, announces a new program offering leasing options on their equipment to customers in a variety of educational institutions.

In partnership with Tampa, Florida-based Contend Capital, which helps educational institutions finance needed equipment, the program is geared toward institutions offering STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts, and math— or STEM programs.

The flexible leasing terms allowed through the plan means the institution will be able to integrate one of the company’s laser engraving and cutting machines without the large capital investment needed if they were to buy one outright.

Contend Capital works with both public and not-for-profit schools nationwide, and offers features such as non-appropriation clauses, early payoff options and delayed first payments.

As the company explains in its announcement: “At AP Lazer, we understand the important impact that today’s young students will have on the future of our country. We believe strongly in the importance of STEM programs and the advanced level of integration and ingenuity that the addition of art will bring to the table (the “A” in STEAM stands for “art”).”

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