APN Strikes Content Deal Down Under with SKY NEWS

Sydney, Australia-based APN Outdoor, a digital out-of-home advertising company, announces UK-based SKY NEWS as its new content partner.

XtrackTV, which APN Outdoor launched in 2014, displays digital advertisements and other content at train stations in several major cities in Australia. APN switched to SKY NEWS to provide Xtrack TV viewers with more up-to-the-minute news and current affairs. Previously the company had been using Brand New Media, which programmed “lifestyle” oriented content, the company says.

Currently the partnership is on a trial basis, but the companies say eventually the roll-out will be system-wide. SKY NEWS’s content will be tailored to each state and daypart where it is being broadcast.

Xtrack TV is just one vehicle for APN Outdoor’s digital outdoor advertising offerings in Australia. Others include Elite Screen, Transit Technology and its Airport portfolio.

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