Avant-Garde Designers Choose Videotel Media Players

Los Angeles-based avant-garde designers Haas Brothers—who have collaborated with Versace and include as a client Lady Gaga, for whom they have made masks, wings and other costume items—have chosen Videotel’s VP70 industrial signage media player for their marketing efforts.

Videotel is a San Diego-based maker of digital signage media players and interactive digital media solutions. Its VP70 player requires very little human interaction, allowing the brothers to focus on the presentation of their whimsical furniture and sculpture creations. According to the company, it’s a plug-and-play machine that features auto-on, auto-start and auto-repeat functions.

“Videotel makes the simplest, most reliable video looper I've ever used,” declares Nikolai Haas. “Our business is one of very high dollar and high stakes. I know I can count on Videotel to deliver.”

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