Ayuda Media Systems and Blip Announce Partnership

Montreal, Canada-based Ayuda Media Systems, makers of software technology that serves the digital out-of-home advertising industry, announces a partnership with Provo, Utah-based Blip, a company that allows brief snippets—“blips,” about 7 ½­–10 seconds each—of advertising time to be shown on the billboards and at the time of the customers’ choosing on billboards in the U.S. that are part of the Blip network.

Under the new partnership, Jones Outdoor, an out-of-home advertising company, becomes the first Ayuda client to benefit from the incremental advertising opportunities generated by Blip. They will run on Jones’ digital billboard inventory via Ayuda’s content management system and player.

“As a 5-plus year customer of Ayuda, running most of my daily sales operations on Ayuda’s platform, including the CMS and player, I was thrilled when they asked me to be the charter client to benefit from their partnership with Blip,” says Jones Outdoor’s sales director, Christine Rutchik. “I know many media owners who have benefited greatly from Blip; and I am proud to say that, through Ayuda, I am now able to seamlessly allocate and sell any unsold inventory in the Blip marketplace as well. We are now bringing in new revenue from small businesses whose budgets don’t allow for a traditional buy, but who can benefit from reaching their audience at specific times and places within their budgets. The best part is how it all gets seamlessly scheduled to Jones’ boards through the integration with Blip, allowing us to continue with business as usual.”

Under the partnership, any existing Ayuda customer who is using the company’s CMS and player can easily configure their current Ayuda software to work with Blip, and need only sign up to the Blip marketplace to get started. Also, outdoor operators currently using the Blip marketplace can now use Ayuda’s inventory management and business operations platform with seamless Blip integration, leaving their incremental revenue stream undisturbed should they migrate to Ayuda’s platform.

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