BrightSign, Planar Tackle ‘World’s Tallest’ Video Wall

Los Gatos, California-based BrightSign has teamed up with Portland, Oregon-based Planar Systems to build what they are billing as the world’s tallest Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Wall.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based design consulting firm CMA was hired by the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside to install a towering four-story video wall in the reception area of the hotel. After considering vendors from all across the digital signage industry CMA chose to use BrightSign digital signage media players and Planar Systems displays.

The hotel’s glass walls make the video wall visible from the street as well as the lobby, and the video wall gives the new hotel almost instant “landmark” status, according to CMA.

The Planar Mosaic video wall uses 20 55-inch, ultra-thin LCD display tiles that are placed at a 90-degree angle to one another, creating a herringbone pattern. CMA says that the design would not have been possible using displays from any other manufacturer.

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