Broadsign and Adform Partner to Offer Ad Buyers Multi-Channel Buying Convenience

Broadsign and Adform Partner to Offer Ad Buyers Multi-Channel Buying Convenience

Montreal-based Broadsign International, a maker of automated digital software for the digital signage industry, announces a partnership with Copenhagen, Denmark-based Adform, a global digital media advertising technology company.

Under the agreement, Broadsign’s Broadsign Reach programmatic supply-side platform will be integrated into Adform’s demand-sign software platform.

What this means, the companies say, is that digital advertising buyers will now be able to tap into Adform’s targeting and retargeting capabilities to reach their desired audiences around the world using online, mobile and digital out-of-home channels.

They say the integration gives media buyers access—directly, via Adform­­—to 50,000 roadside, transit, retail, and place-based digital screens located throughout the world. Using the combined platforms, brands and agencies can now leverage their own data easily through Adform’s integrated advertising platform to inform purchasing strategies across omnichannel campaigns based on real-time conditions.

“Bringing together Adform’s (demand-side platform) and Broadsign Reach represents a major opportunity to expand programmatic DOOH globally,” says Adam Green, senior vice president and general manager of Broadsign Reach. “It delivers new creative opportunities and impressive audience reach for online and mobile buyers running video and other display campaigns, and puts DOOH in front of digital buyers who might otherwise have to seek it out as a separate purchase. Partnering with a global platform such as Adform opens up new doors for Broadsign publishers looking to expand international markets and advertiser reach.”

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