Broadsign and Lemma Partner to Expand Programmatic DOOH Offerings

Montreal-based Broadsign International, a maker of automated digital software for the digital signage industry, announces a partnership with India-based Lemma, another digital signage software company.

Lemma enables programmatic digital out of home advertising in India and various other markets, and under the partnership, Broadsign’s Reach programmatic supply-side platform (SSP) will be integrated with Lemma’s demand-side platform. This will expand Lemma’s digital out-of-home screen inventory while enabling Broadsign’s global network of programmatically enabled publishers to reach new buyers throughout the Asia-Pacific region, which also includes Australia and New Zealand.

Lemma’s digital buyers will now have a much larger pool of out-of-home screens to tap into, including roadside, retail, transit and other place-based DOOH screens.

This partnership is part of Broadsign’s continued expansion. Broadsign Reach now supports more than 30 demand-side platforms globally, including now Lemma’s, giving customers access to some 50,000 programmatically enabled screens around the world.

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