Canon Solutions America Releases New Workbook

Melville, New York-based Canon Solutions America, a wholly owned subsidiary and the sales arm of Tokyo-based Canon, announces the release of its latest industry workbook, titled “Inkjet Workflows—How to Make Your Work Flow… Efficiently.” Collaboratively published with thINK Forum, the comprehensive guide was designed to help companies that are looking to integrate production inkjet technology into their print shop, while also providing readers with in-depth research and discussions about all steps within the production workflow process.

The company says the guide is part of its commitment to helping ensure the success of its customers and its customers’ clients. Previous resources include “Guide to Inkjet” and the published book, “The Inkjet Edge—How to Transition Your Business to Inkjet.”

In its newest release, the company says it’s developed a collection of learning, know-how, and recommendations from customers, industry workflow experts, leading industry analysts, solutions partners and inkjet experts.

According to the company: “As most print service providers already know, an efficient workflow is at the heart of not only creating, but sustaining success in print room operations. Workflow efficiency is determined by all the processes that allow print service providers to get from concept to a final product with a minimum of manual steps and make sure everything along the way is optimized including document submission, prepress automation, production management, file conversion, data cleansing and optimization, and mail stream management. With ‘Inkjet Workflows—How to Make Your Work Flow… Efficiently’ print service providers will be able to leverage their strengths, identify process gaps, and more importantly create plans to fill those gaps, and therefore running more efficient operations, especially when contemplating the integration of a new production inkjet press. A streamlined, cost and time efficient workflow can be a huge competitive differentiator. By learning to take as many steps out of the overall process and eliminating as many human touches as possible, print service providers can reduce costs, improve margins, and shorten overall production time to become a more cost efficient producer.”

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