Cardinal Manufacturing Invests in Second AXYZ Router

Indianapolis-based Cardinal Manufacturing, a full-service sign and graphics shop that specializes in interior ADA-compliant signage, announces the purchase of a second AXYZ International “Pacer” CNC router.

The company says it purchased the router to keep up with demand. After attending THE NBM SHOW in Indianapolis earlier this year and viewing equipment, the company decided to visit two CNC router manufacturers to get a personalized demonstration of their machines. Cardinal chose the Pacer, their second. One major factor, the company says, is the Pacer’s tool changer, which is a carousel affixed to the Y axis of the machine, reducing the amount of travel for each tool change.

Also, the company says, the fact that any software can be used with the AXYZ Pacer was an additional selling point.

“AXYZ put together a reliable package of a machine with terrific features,” says Jim Mulligan, the company’s vice president and general manager. “It’s a more open architecture piece of equipment. And the software they package with it, at a very affordable price, works very well for us and what we do.”

Mulligan says he also appreciates the machine’s efficiency and that the controller is integrated into the actual structure of the table instead of having it as a separate piece.

Cardinal Manufacturing uses AXYZ’s Gold Maintenance Program, which provides onsite router maintenance by qualified AXYZ technicians to extend the life of their Pacer.

The second router is already starting to pay off for his company, Mulligan says.

“We were trying to do 12 hours of routing in a 10- or 8-hour day, and we had an uneven workflow,” he says. “We have a lot of ideas and when you have 12 hours a day of routing, dreams are back burner things. Now our workflow has improved and we’ve been able to rapid prototype displays for architects for their submittals. This has really helped build our business.”

In fact, Cardinal Manufacturing says it was the only sign company invited to display its products at this year’s Building Owners and Managers Association International Annual Conference and Expo.

“We are now in the process of manufacturing an entire new array of samples for presentations,” Mulligan says. “This router’s enabling us to do that. If you’re going to get a machine, get the Pacer.”

Along with ADA-compliant signage, Cardinal, which has been in business nearly three decades, also runs a print shop, where it uses an HP Latex 360 printer, a Summa plotter and a Rolls Roller flatbed laminator. For engraving and ADA-complaint signs it uses Vision 1624 engraving systems and a Universal Laser Systems laser.

“Most of our work starts with or involves our AXYZ routers which allow us to make almost everything we do out of 4' x 8' sheets of stock material,” says Daniel Owen of Cardinal Manufacturing. “We also have a full metal shop with a shear, MIG and TIG welders, milling machines and so on for custom metal fabrication.”

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