Certain AOPEN Players Pre-Loaded with Signagelive Software

Certain AOPEN Players Pre-Loaded with Signagelive Software

AOPEN, a leading hardware manufacturer that specializes in small-form factor computing devices, has been working together on a bundled digital signage offering with partner Signagelive.

Signagelive, UK-based providers of a cloud-based digital signage platform as well as software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology, announces that its software has been used to pre-image multiple digital engines made by AOPEN. The devices combine the commercial-grade AOPEN media players with the Signagelive content management platforms.

AOPEN is based in Taiwan but has its U.S. headquarters in San Jose, California.

The companies say that the pre-imaged players are easy to implement and user friendly. The models enhanced with the Signagelive images are AOPEN’s DE3450-S; the DE3450; the DEX5550; the DE6200; and the DE6340. Signagelive licenses are available for one-, two- or three year terms or on a monthly subscription bases. The companies add that Signagelive software can be used by an unlimited number of users and has free software updates for the lifetime of a subscription.

“This bundled product shows the synergy between AOPEN and software vendors such as Signagelive,” says Erik Siera, business development manager for the EMEA region for AOPEN. “Via our cooperation, I think we created something that works for the customer and simplifies implementation.”

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