Clear Channel’s ‘RADAR’ to Gather Data Using Mobile Devices

New York-based Clear Channel Outdoor, one of the largest out-of-home advertising companies in the country, announces a new program called “RADAR” that it will use to track consumer behavior using data anonymously gathered from cellphones and other devices by third party data trackers.

RADAR’s suite of research, data and analytics tools will measure consumers’ shopping and travel patterns—even down to direction of travel—using data collected by the company and its partners, which initially include AT&T Data Patterns, Placed and PlaceIQ. Clear Channel takes the data—collected anonymously—and overlays it against the company’s vast U.S. inventory of billboards, creating a map of how specific audience segments are most effectively and efficiently reached through the company’s outdoor advertising.

RADAR, for example, will track who has visited a drug store or a bank, a quick-serve restaurant, gone to a movie or bought something online.

Initially the audience segments the company will be tracking are: sports fans—specifically the NFL, NBA and NCAA; those conducting financial transactions; automobile shoppers; movie fans; what it calls “fashionistas;” electronics buffs; mothers; and home improvement shoppers.

“This movement data is then mapped against Clear Channel’s displays, allowing advertisers to plan and buy out-of-home (ads) to reach specific behavioral audience segments,” according to a video on the company’s website.

Clear Channel Outdoor says this ability to track and target audience segments is already commonplace in digital campaigns but the RADAR program is the first to bring it into the out-of-home advertising arena.

The technology also follows a consumer’s movements after they have been exposed to a particular advertising message, allowing the advertiser’s return on investment to be quantified.

“Clear Channel has long been a leader in OOH innovation and PlaceIQ’s analytics makes it possible for advertisers to understand audiences at a much deeper level,” says Duncan McCall, founder and CEO of PlaceIQ. “Adding these insights to the OOH advertising value proposition will help paint a more accurate picture of the consumer journey, creating a truly differentiated offer applicable to Clear Channel’s extensive inventory, whether at an airport, on a highway or at a bus shelter.”

According to the New York Times, RADAR is being offered in Clear Channel Outdoor’s top 11 markets first, including New York and Los Angeles, and then rolled out across the country later this year.

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