Daktronics Display a Centerpiece of New Ole Miss Arena

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Brookings, South Dakota-based Daktronics, a manufacturer of EMC and electronic display systems of all types, announces that it is partnering with the University of Mississippi to design, manufacture and install the largest center-hung video display system, in terms of total square footage, in college sports.

The video display system will be part of The Pavilion at Ole Miss, an $85 million basketball arena currently under construction and scheduled to open this winter on the campus at Oxford, Mississippi.

The Daktronics display system will feature roughly 2,255 square feet of active LED display space. Eleven video displays will be powered by more than 3.6 million LEDs. There will be four main video displays, each about 11 ½ feet high by 22 feet wide, and four corner displays that are approximately 13 ½ feet high by 5 feet wide. The displays feature 6 millimeter line spacing and wide angle visibility, ensuring a crisp, clear image from anywhere in the facility. Variable content zoning allows the displays to show a single large image or be divided into separate windows filled with any combination of live video, instant replays, statistics, animations and sponsor messages.

Three ring displays wrapped around the arena will be incorporated into the center-hung configuration. They will measure roughly 3 feet high by 116 1/2 feet in ​circumference, 4 feet high by 91 1/2 feet in circumference and 3 feet high by 83 feet in circumference. All of the ring displays feature a 10 millimeter line spacing. The installation will also include a large fascia display with 15 millimeter line spacing that measures roughly 2 1/2 feet high by 586 feet wide and a box office display with a 6 millimeter line spacing that measures roughly 9 feet high by 16 feet wide. These displays can be used to show versatile content to enhance the game-day atmosphere and highlight sponsors. 

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