Durst Rho 1000 Wins Award

Grand-format digital printer maker Durst U.S., Rochester, N.Y., announces that its newest product, the Rho 1000 UV-curing flatbed printer, has been chosen named the “Best UV high end printer of 2010” by the European Digital Press (EDP), the trade press association for digital printing across 16 European countries.

According to the EDP “The Rho 1000 was awarded this distinction because Durst, by integrating automatic feed and unload of material, and the continual printing of sheets at high speed, has substantially increased workflow and productivity. In addition, color matching at the same time reduces the set-up time.”

The high-speed Rho 1000 features a workflow design based on analogue screen printing with its integrated feed and removal of the material. The Rho’s 64,000 inkjet nozzles enable a production output of up to 6,458 square feet per hour, and can be equipped with eight colors, including process colors orange and violet.

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