Encyan's Light-Sensitive Inkjet Printing Service

Zürich, Switzerland-based Encyan GmbH has developed a water-based light-sensitive inkjet ink set that is visible only when exposed to a UV light source such as a black light. Encyan is selling prints made using the inks under its BlackLight Truecolor brand.

The inks, developed for use with piezo printers, glow and generate active lighting images with high contrast and wide gamut when exposed to a UV light source such as a standard black light. The inks can be combined with other visible motives to create different effects, and are suitable for a wide range of inkjet-coated substrates including textile (EVOLON), direct-print on non-coated substrates, foils (PC, PVC) and paper. The company says it is already working in some large-format printers. For more information, visit www.encyan.com.

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