Last year’s grand prize was awarded to Eric Dirgahayu’s RoboFish, made from PVC water pipe. (Photo courtesy of Eric Dirgahayu)

Epilog Again Partners with Instructables to Offer Grand Prize for Creative Design

Epilog Laser and Instructables are offering creative decorators the chance to show off their designs and win a laser system in the 8th Annual Epilog Contest. Instructables, an online community that provides publishing tools to help users share projects, recipes, skills and ideas, hosts a variety of contests, including its Makerspace Contest, sponsored by Epilog.

According to Epilog marketing communications specialist Amy Dallman, the company was approached eight years ago to team up with Instructables for the first contest.

“We are really thankful to them for partnering with us for these past eight years, and bringing us onboard for the Makerspace contest for the last two years as well,” Dallman says. She adds that resources such as Instructables are an additional way to support and encourage the growth of the Maker Movement, creating a greater accessibility to its laser systems for an audience of makers.

“This audience in particular is super creative and uses our lasers to cut pieces or parts to assemble—products that go from an electronic file design to an actual physical prototype. It’s their bread and butter. (These contests) make the equipment accessible to help further the movement.”

The grand prize winner with the most creative project will receive a 30-watt Zing 16 Laser System, as well as software, a cutting table and an air compressor. The choice behind this model caters to its users, Dallman says.

“It’s an entry-level unit as well as everything you’d need to be up and running without purchasing a lot of additional accessories,” Dallman adds. “If you’re a professional who does projects in Instructables on the side, you might have a large workshop that could house this (laser). But if you’re just a one-person operation working out of your home, this laser is more compact and manageable.”

Though some past winners have been professionals the majority are simply creative individuals, she says.

With 46 prizes up for grabs, other winners will receive Scribbler V3 3D pens from Scribbler as well as additional items from Instructables.

Each entry must include detailed instructions documenting how the project was made and background on how they plan to use the laser in the future, should they win the grand prize. The contest is open for submissions until early February, at which time winners will be selected by both Epilog and Instructables. For the official rules or for more information, visit

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