Exclusive Coverage: Visual Impressions to Open St. Louis Facility

Milwaukee-based screen printing company Visual Impressions is opening a new St. Louis facility within a couple of weeks.

Company officials say the new location will serve as a companion to the company’s home base in Wisconsin that has served the decorated apparel industry’s embroidery, screen printing, direct-to-garment, graphic design, and shipping needs since 1990.

Curiously, the idea of expanding to St. Louis came about when Visual Impressions manager Kyle Petersen relocated with his family to the area from Milwaukee. CEO Marshall Atkinson explains that Visual Impressions decided to, “use it as an opportunity to expand our capabilities,” rather than lose a valued team member.

"He (Petersen) is so well thought of that we basically built a shop around him," adds Visual Impressions owner Jay Berman.

After considering major factors like facility space size, rent and location, Atkinson and his operating staff decided St. Louis would make an ideal hub for states further south and east of Wisconsin. Having the new 10,000 sq. ft. facility based in St. Louis means cities such as Memphis, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; and Kansas City, Missouri will be able to opt in for one-day ground shipping, Atkinson says. Once things are up and running, there will also be an option for local pickup.

Atkinson says rudimentary goods such as washout booths, inks and office fixtures were moved down to St. Louis, while a brand new set of presses and a dryer were added to the facility.

The new location will be focused solely on screen printing services to start, with the potential for adding more equipment and services as Atkinson and his team assess the needs of the region.

“We’re starting small and we’ve got plenty of room to add more equipment,” Atkinson points out.

Other core departments such as sales, human resources, and art will still be covered from the Milwaukee office. 

The new location will staff roughly six to 10 employees.

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