EYECHRONIC Launches ‘Partner Development Program’

Bowling Green, Kentucky-based EYECHRONIC, a digital signage network company geared specifically for the marijuana industry, announces the creation of its Partner Development Network.

The company says the program is geared toward cannabis dispensaries and retail locations. For no cost, the company will offer these partners access to the EYECHRONIC in-store media network, providing them with hands-on training program that the company says will maximize the effectiveness of their marketing.

Created especially for the dispensary/retail management team, the Partner Development Program is aimed at providing value without the dispensary having to do any data entry or add more personnel, all while significantly increasing sales.

Training session topics will include: “The Psychology Behind the Best In-Store Content,” “Take Action on the EYECHRONIC Consumer Traffic Analytics” and “Increasing the Effectiveness of Your In-Store Adverting and Promotions.”

Most of the training sessions are exclusive to current location partners and by appointment only. However, with several new States scheduled to begin opening their doors for the legal sale of cannabis in the coming months, EYECHRONIC is hosting a series of informational sessions to new dispensaries and cannabis retail stores over the course of the next 90 days.

If interested in learning more about the EYECHRONIC network or an upcoming informational session, please email locations@eyechronic.tv or call 866-777-4467 x420 to get specifics.

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