NOLA Sign Shop
NOLA Sign Shop was founded in the summer of 2014.

Featured Project: Beyond the Kitchen Table

NOLA Sign Shop didn’t have a name when it did its first installation; in fact, it wasn’t really even a business at that point. Danil Khutorianskii was helping out a friend who needed some graphics put on the side of his van. When the job was finished, everyone was so impressed—including Danil—that he knew he could make a living doing this. He took the name from his hometown of New Orleans, and as the company website notes, “Pretty soon, after going into business, we moved out of our kitchen. We bought tools, hired some great folks, and got to work becoming one of the most successful sign shops in the city.” In fact, Tulane University, Marriott Hotels and New Orleans’ world-famous Ogden Museum of Southern Art are among its clients.

In this case, the client was Ashley Longshore, a local gallery named ­­­after Sarah Ashley Longshore, a Louisiana artist whose work has been compared to Andy Warhol.

At this point NOLA Sign Shop is five people, as Danil says in his email to SDG: “I started Nola Sign Shop in July 2014. Signe Grozier joined me in 2017 and we've been working together since then.

“Currently there are five members in our team: Danil—owner and general manager; Signe— project manager; Scott—lead installer; Stephan—shop worker; Kaylen—office manager and social media manager.”

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