The UK's Trueform is tapped for interactive digital kiosks for New York City subway stations.
The kiosks provide real-time train updates, maps, and space for public service announcements and digital advertising.

Featured Project: Big Apple Digital Signage

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, an outside corporation that runs the public transportation system in that city, is in the middle of a $19 billion station upgrade, and it signed up the UK’s Trueform Digital to help.

London-based Trueform are makers of indoor and outdoor digital displays. In the case of the MTA, the agency was already familiar with the company, as it has built upwards of 1,000 digital displays in various parts of the city.

Trueform was charged with building and installing kiosks, called “digital customer information totems,” at subway stations around the city. Each totem incorporates an outdoor digital screen providing live travel information—such as train times and status—and local maps, as well as the ability to run other content, including advertising, which the MTA can sell to generate revenue.

The kiosks are fully protected from extreme weather conditions and temperatures and can be read in direct sunlight. Trueform says the materials on the outside are resistant to vandalism, and the software inside can be monitored and managed remotely.

The upgrade is a major change for subway riders in the Big Apple as previously, static signage was used at the subway stations.

“Our relationship with the City of New York was established some eight years ago and over this time Trueform has secured long-term contracts and have provided significant infrastructure throughout the city,” says Jonathan Morley, CEO of Trueform Digital. “This latest project is another extension of this great relationship.”

Almost six million New Yorkers and visitors ride the subway every day, and the city has more than 450 stations.

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