SloanLED installs LED lighting at China BP station
SloanLED says this station will become the model for other stations across China.

Featured Project: BP Goes Green in China

Ventura, California-based SloanLED recently had its products installed at a BP fuel station in China.

According to the company, BP China wanted a new look and feel for its stores, and wanted them to become more energy efficient.

SloanLED installed an LED stripe around the entire canopy in BP Green color. The company used its PDL3 MODUS for the under-canopy lighting, and installed high-efficiency, pole-mounted Optimus lights in the parking lot.

“This is an entirely new site where we are testing a new design that not only improves the lighting but also is saving 20% more energy over competitive LED Solutions,” SloanLED says in announcing the project. It added that this store will serve as a flagship and a model for other BP stores elsewhere in the country.

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