The University of Memphis is the home of this circular LED display.

Featured Project: The Bulls and the Bears Go ’Round and ’Round

This featured project comes to us from the Toronto-based company Rise Display, whose founding dates back more than a quarter century. The company opened up its first U.S. office, in Lenexa, Kansas, in 2003, and it has carved out a unique niche for itself in the digital signage world: it specializes in tickers. Tickers, meaning constantly scrolling news headlines, sports scores and stats, and especially financial-related tickers. It’s installed hundreds of those in business classrooms in colleges and high schools all over the world. This circular LED ticker was originally installed at the University of Memphis’s Fed Ex Institute of Technology in the early 2000s by Daktronics. But Rise Display came in later and upgraded it; the 60’ long display now has a 24-pixel, full-color display.

The circular LED display is the focal point of the lobby of the institute.

This past year Rise Design says it crossed the 10,000 active customer mark, spread out across some 125 countries.

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