Featured Project: Cambridge Architectural’s Mesh Used to Brand Miami School

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Cambridge, Maryland-based Cambridge Architectural, a manufacturer of durable metal woven products for use by architects, interior designers and construction professionals, shows off the giant metal mesh screen it manufactured that’s used to brand a Miami high school.

Builders of the new Miami Norland Senior High School commissioned Cambridge Architectural to construct a signature sign that would greet students, faculty and visitors to the $42 million school, which will be attended by more than 1,700 students.

The result was an approximately 1,000-square-foot metal mesh screen powder-coated with Norland’s Viking logo. Formed with four Cambridge Mid-Balance mesh panels, the sign is held in tension with an eyebolt attachment system above the school’s main entrance.

Cambridge worked with architects Rizo Carreno & Partners on the new display. It is one of many branding projects in North America that incorporate Cambridge’s metal mesh fabrics.

In addition to creating a striking visual display with the Viking logo sign, a lighter weight Cambridge mesh was incorporated behind the façade to prevent birds from roosting on or behind the structure.

The four sign panels are hung tightly together and fastened to close the seams.  A brushed stainless steel fascia around the outside perimeter prevents birds from penetrating along the side edges as well as the top and bottom where eyebolt gaps existed.

Cambridge installed a second layer of four Biscayne panels, also fastened together, behind the Mid-Balance mesh to further protect the sign and prevent birds from entering in the rear.

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