C&G Parnters designs interacdtive museum exhiibition

Featured Project: C&G Partners’ ‘Bible Now’ Exhibit Takes Home Industry Award

New York-based design firm C&G Partners picked up an industry award for its “Bible Now: Reactive Media Space” that it did toe the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.

C&G designed Bible Now as a reactive media space that explores the impact of the Bible in real-time, the company says. The exhibition experience tracks social media, engages visitor creativity, and allows them to tour a holy city in an immersive time-lapse. A 360°, full height, dynamic panorama of digital information is sourced from multiple channels, including current contributions by visitors on interactive tables in the space, allowing visitors to be part of the museum experience.

C&G’s exhibit won a silver DSE APEX award at this year’s show.

To watch a video about the exhibit, click here.

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