Wayfinding signage is one of the many types of services that New York's C&G Partners provides.

Featured Project: C&G Partners Designs Wayfinding Signage for Texas Museum

This featured project was done a few years ago when the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas was having its 50th anniversary celebration. As part of the celebration the museum underwent a substantial expansion and renovation, and that’s when New York City-based C&G Partners was brought in to design interior and exterior signage for the new additions.

Along with its talents in branding and website design, C&G is a company that provides all types of signage, from wayfinding to digital installations.

The new wing added on to the museum was designed by French architect Jean-Paul Viguiers and it was built to host major temporary exhibits. C&G Partners was engaged to plan and design an exterior and interior sign and donor recognition program for the new spaces. These services were later expanded to include a new identity and printed graphics inspired by the patterns in the architecture.

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