All Out Design had to remove everything from this Challenger to make sure no bits of orange would show through.

Featured Project: Color Change on a Challenger

This week’s featured project comes to us from All Out Grafix & Design in Sheldon, Vermont.

The company says that on this particular job, it took a new Dodge Challenger, which was bright orange with black and carbon fiber accents, and completely transformed it to matte black. They also added gloss black striping to the hood to match the hood contours, as well as striping the trunk. They left the roof alone, however, being that the sunroof was right in the middle.

They chose not to stripe the roof due to the sunroof being in the middle. The installers then added some matte orange striping to accent the body lines on the sides as well as the hood contours around the air intake ducting. They say they laid out the striping also in a way that helped to pull the entire look together as well as try to give it a “sinister” look when looking at it coming toward you.

The company says the fact that the final color would be such a contrast to the original that it required removing all mirrors, moldings, emblems, etc., to make sure that there were no stray orange areas showing and that there would be no “seams.” It also helped “sealing” in any of the otherwise exposed edges. And, given that it’s Vermont, edge sealing was very important because of the harsh winters.

For the wrap, All Out Design says it used Avery Dennison’s Supreme Wrap Vinyl Film, and it took two people about three days to complete.

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