Featured Project: Daktronics Goes 'Small-Format'
The first of Daktronics' new small-format digital billboards was installed in downtown Des Moines, Iowa.

Featured Project: Daktronics Goes 'Small-Format'

Brookings, South Dakota-based LED display manufacturer Daktronics recently had the first of its new small-format digital billboards installed in downtown Des Moines, Iowa.

The company introduced the new line earlier this year, calling them ideal for use in close-viewing situations, such as urban environments. Lamar Outdoor Advertising installed the first one in Des Moines for an Iowa auto dealership chain.

The screens are available in 8- and 10-millimeter line spacings and use high-resolution, SMD (surface-mount device) LED technology, enabling up-front viewing, wide viewing angles and the ability to cut through sun with adjustable, high-brightness.

“We are truly thrilled with our new Daktronics 10-millimeter wallscape,” says Tim Jameson, Lamar vice president for its Iowa-Nebraska territory. “Our location is very unique in that it sits in the heart of downtown Des Moines on the side of a parking garage in the middle of an entertainment district. It sits high enough for road traffic but low enough for foot traffic and the farmers market is literally on the ground below this beautiful new display. We couldn’t be more pleased about the clarity of colors that it produces. I just wish all of our digitals looked this awesome.”

Collin Huber, Daktronics’ out-of-home market manager, says the new line was built around easy installation, whether it be on a pole, a wall or an existing display structure.

“Some of the challenges with installing traditional digital displays in these prime locations are the installation complexities,” says Huber. “Our urban display line was designed to get a display up and running quickly, reducing cost and minimizing distractions on the street.”

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