Some 400 Deneva screens are being installed inside and outside of Toy Planet stores all across Spain.

Featured Project: Deneva Outfits Spanish Toy Store Chain with Digital Signage

Spain-based digital signage company Deneva was recently chosen by the Spanish toy store chain Toy Planet to install digital signage throughout all of its stores in that country.

A total of 400 screens have been installed in the stores, 233 of them located at the check-out registers.

Deneva’s ICON Multimedia software is powering the displays. It allows the retailer to personalize the messages in each store, announcing the latest offers and sales in each one, and to be quickly adjusted based on changes such as an item running out of stock.

According to the retailer, the placement of digital screens inside their stores will mean savings in printing costs and a reduction in the ecological footprint left by traditional signage.

The screens, located both inside and outside the establishments, will also communicate the advertisements of the toy brands that the stores sell, meaning they can generate ad revenue for the retailer.

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