Edigma is a Portuguese company that installed interactive signage throughout this new shopping center in that country.

Featured Project: Digital Signage Portugese-Style

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Portugal-based Edigma, which develops custom, content-driven digital signage, announces an installation it recently did at a shopping center called Mar Shopping Algarve in that country.

The Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region, known for its beaches and spectacular scenery.

The shopping center was built by IKEA Centres, which partnered with Edigma to create and install a digital signage network that contains many interactive features throughout.

According to the company, visitors “will be able to enjoy interactive landscapes such as the evolution of the Algarve’s almond trees or the typical orange orchards of the region, which respond to the body movement of those who pass through one of the airlocks of the shopping center. In another airlock, it is also possible to ‘dive’ into the Algarve sea and enjoy landscapes of marine animals from the region.”

There is no static signage in Mar Shopping Algarve; all the signage is digital and interactive. The kiosks are equipped with interactive multi-touch technology and LCD screens and combine advertising with dynamic wayfinding. In one corridor, visitors can take selfies against iconic Algarve landscapes in 4K resolution. In others, you will find digital solutions and other innovative installations that are activated by movement. Safety was also a primary concern, and an alert system was put in place to instantly change messages on all digital displays in case of an emergency. 

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