Thirteen-year-old Vedant Singhania was thrilled with his present.

Featured Project: A Galactic Dream Come True

This featured project comes to us from Israel-based 3D printer company Massivit Printing Technologies, which teamed up this summer with Oregon-based Magic Wheelchair, a nonprofit that builds elaborate costumes for kids in wheelchairs.

Thirteen-year-old Vedant Singhania is one such youngster, and Magic Wheelchair learned that he is a huge Star Wars fan. So, in gearing up for Comic-Con International in San Diego, Massivit 3D was charged for making Vedant’s dreams come true by building a Star Wars X-Wing fighter that would be matched with his wheelchair.

Massivit 3D brought in partners Pixologic—owners of design software ZBrush—to design the X-Wing; Massivit 3D customer Dangling Carrot Creative, who are specialists in TV and Film graphics and signage, to 3D print the 50 parts needed for the X-Wing; and then Monster City Studios was brought in the finish and assemble the costume.

Singhania’s reaction? The look on his face says it all.

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