ER2 Image Group hired to build a trade show display
Attention to detail was paramount for this client, ER2 Image Group says.

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Hanover Park, Illinois-based ER2 Image Group, a full-service grand-format printing company, recently built a trade show booth for a company called iCOMBAT, which makes a technical laser tag game.

According to ER2, iCOMBAT’s laser tag is no kid’s game: It stresses tactics, communications and teamwork, and every detail is designed to immerse competitors in the virtual reality of the game. It was with that knowledge that ER2 was charged to build a trade show booth that would accurately reflect the brand, with the authenticity and attention to detail that iCOMBAT puts into its games.

“We had very specific requirements and ER2 jumped in right away to help plan our project,” says Brandon Mijokovic, iCOMBAT’s vice president of operations. “They provided a design that incorporated a conference room, the ability to hang three hundred pounds of products, and 4 TV monitors—all in a package that is easy to setup and ship.”

According to ER2: “The only challenge was making sure the island structure could hold the weight of the lockers, and figuring out what we could use for shelving and support. Our partners at REXframe provided the structure. Made from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, the innovative framework is simple, versatile and is assembled using a simple connector system. Scott Kellerman, who heads up our structure and fabric department, was able to provide added support within the structure to hold the lockers and balance the frame.

Adds ER2’s account executive, Michele Pedre: “We also recommended that the height for the booth stay just under 10’ rather than the 16’ originally requested. That kept costs down with the added benefits of making the graphic panels without seams and helping keep the frame more structurally sound.”

ER2 says it also made the booth adjustable, so the same frame could be scaled up or down to fit the floorspace of any given show.

The booth debuted at the IAAPA (The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) show, iCOMBAT’s largest convention of the year.

“We definitely plan on using ER2 in the future,” Mijokovic says. “They provided everything they promised, on time and at the price quoted!”

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