Green Sign Co. in Greensburg, Indiana
A combination of wood and metal give these signs a modern yet rustic look.

Featured Project: Green Signs for the Greenway

This featured project is from Greensburg, Indiana’s Green Sign Co. The company’s name has no relation to the town’s name; in fact, its namesake was William “Billy” Green, who founded the shop in 1971. When Bill died in 1986 his then-15-year-old son, Shawn, took over the family business. Today the Green Sign Co. does everything from traditional signage to electrical to vehicle wraps, as well as custom signs of all types, including this project. When a series of walking trails were opened by a hospital in the nearby town of Batesville, Green Signs was called upon to make some custom four-side architectural signs to mark the trails and convey information. According to the company, the posts of the signs feature routed out letters and logos, and they have an information board and first aid kit attached to them. The fabricated metal up top gives them a rusted, timeless look that blends into the surrounding landscape nicely.

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