Featured Project: Intersection Brings Olympics to Outdoor Screens in Three Cities

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New York-based Intersection, which provides digital displays to transportation hubs in cities across the country, announces that it is partnering with NBC Olympics to bring exclusive PyeongChang Olympics content to thousands of digital screens in New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia during the XXIII Olympic Winter Games.

The custom content, specifically created for Intersection’s urban network of digital screens, keeps people up to date on the games, which continue through Feb. 25. The program features morning highlights, primetime previews, medal counts, real-time alerts, athlete profiles and more. Thousands of screens in the LinkNYC network; digital urban panels and platform displays used by the Chicago Transit Authority; and digital bus shelters, urban panels and platform displays throughout Philadelphia will broadcast the content.

“Whether walking the streets of New York, riding the Chicago L, or waiting in Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, Olympics fans in these three cities will be surrounded by the excitement of the Winter Games,” says Gary Zenkel, president of NBC Olympics. “Emerging media platforms like the LinkNYC network in New York City represent another way for NBCUniversal to reassemble the television audience by extending the reach of our Olympic coverage, content and promotion to spaces where the American audience now consumes media.”

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