The ladder is to assist show attendees in taking a selfie with the boot.

Featured Project: Massivit 3D Prints Make Big Impression at Italian Ski Show

Israel-based 3D printer company Massivit Printing Technologies played an outsized role in this year’s Ski Deal Week, a ski and snowboard expo held in Sella Ronda, Italy.

At the annual event, organized by ski-focused travel agency Ski Deal, the hosts wanted to inject new levels of creativity and interactive entertainment for the attendees so they contacted two European large-format print providers, according to Massivit. The Italian agency, SismaItalia, working with French-based, METROPOLE, and in partnership with Marie 3D, produced larger-than-life 3D ski accessories for display that people could use to shoot selfies with.

The objects were produced on Massivit 1800 3D Printers. The ski boot measured 7.2’ x 7.5’ and was produced in 38 hours. Once the gloss finish was attached it was transferred by cable car to its final destination high in the Dolomites, where the show was taking place.

The companies also produced oversized goggles, a helment and a full-size snowboard.

Recently, Massivit announced it was opening a new North American facility in Alpharetta, Georgia, and it named industry veteran Kevin Sykes as its new North American president.

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