This is the Ballyhoo II, a 72' long vessel with 60' back-to-back screens.

Featured Project: Miami Co. Turns Out-of-Home into On-The-Water

Miami-based Ballyhoo Media, which uses boats and giant screens to deliver out-of-home digital advertising to audiences onshore, announces the debut of its second vessel, The Ballyhoo II, as part of an advertising campaign to promote the AMC television show The Walking Dead.

The custom-built, 72-foot boat, equipped with back-to-back 60’, high-definition screens, floated up and down the Hudson River recently, going back and forth in front of New York City’s the Javits Center, where New York Comic-Con was taking place.

According to the company, it has several campaigns it will be promoting on both the Hudson and East rivers in the coming weeks.

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