Featured Project: NanoLumens Video Wall is Centerpiece of New Vegas Sports Bar
The 24' x 5' video wall can even be seen from out on the casino floor, drawing more people into the sports bar.

Featured Project: NanoLumens Video Wall is Centerpiece of New Vegas Sports Bar

A recent renovation at Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas included the construction of The Golden Circle Sports Bar, a brand-new addition to the casino property.

The property’s owners contracted with Atlanta-based NanoLumens, makers of custom-built indoor and outdoor LED displays for a variety of markets, to design and deliver a 24’ x 5’, 1.8-millimeter pixel pitch LED video wall that serves as a centerpiece for the bar.

Shane Snell of National Technology Associates, the firm that installed the bar’s technology infrastructure, says he found the NanoLumens ENGAGE Series video wall to be the best choice for a number of reasons.

“One of the most important factors of any casino technology installation is longevity,” Snell says. “For the most part, owners try to keep infrastructure relevant for as long as possible, only renovating rooms when truly necessary. That’s why NanoLumens’ cutting-edge and patented LED technology was such a great choice here, bringing customers something they can’t get at home, while also ensuring long-term operation with their unrivaled six-year warranty. Since casinos are generally open 24/7, it’s also crucial that maintenance can be performed quickly without interrupting daily operations and guest experiences, which NanoLumens nails with its patented front-accessible design. Additionally, NanoLumens ENGAGE Series displays are super slim, lightweight and energy efficient.”

Along with more than 20 HDTVs located throughout the bar, the NanoLumens video wall is used to show sporting events, races, and live TV. The ultra-wide display was divided into three sections that are 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high. Each can display a single image or a 2×2 layout, so that up to 12 broadcast streams can be shown at one time.

“When hospitality owners want to make a statement and give people an exciting reason to dine or visit, a large, impressive NanoLumens LED display really does the trick,” says NanoLumens regional sales manager Kara Green. “Not only is The Golden Circle’s display capable of running 24 hours a day for years, it’s also bright and sharp enough to be seen from the adjacent casino floor, creating a draw that brings more customers into the bar.”

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