Right Way Signs of Chicago painted this mural on the side of the Lincoln Hotel.
This eight-story mural on Chicago's Lincoln Hotel and was done by that city's Right Way Signs.

Featured Project: Paying Homage the Old-School Way

This featured project comes from Chicago’s Right Way Signs, a full-service, modern sign shop that doesn’t shy away from an old-school assignment.

In this case, it was being asked to paint the 16th president of the United States, onto the side of the Hotel Lincoln in Chicago, which overlooks the city’s historic Lincoln Park neighborhood.

The hand painted mural measured eight stories high, or about 80’ x 40’, the company says. The project started last year in November—average daytime temperatures of about 30 degrees—and took about five weeks to paint. The work was done by Right Way’s Ches Perry and Randy Pestka and was completed on Christmas Eve.

Across the bottom of the portrait are the words “Lincoln Park” because, as the hotel management says in a statement they put out: “The words Lincoln Park and Abe image were definitely about the Hotel paying homage to Abe and the neighborhood. We owe much of our success to the neighborhood and hoping one day our building and mural could become one of the gateway landmarks for Lincoln Park.”

Right Way Signs says on its blog, “It was truly an honor to paint this mural and we hope it becomes an iconic piece of art for the Lincoln Park neighborhood and the City of Chicago.”

Talk about keeping them honest!

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