banners a summer pasttime
Banners such as these—made by Premier Signs in Florida—adorn ballparks all over the U.S. each summer.

Featured Project: A Sign Maker’s Favorite Pastime (One of Them, Anyway)

You can call this featured project a celebration of the simple.

There’s no sport in America that has the tradition that baseball has, and in the sign making world, many, many shops across this great land share in the tradition of annually making banners that will be strategically placed along the outfield fences of their local ballparks. They advertise the local insurance guy, the new dentist that opened, the tow truck company. It’s as American as apple pie. But no less effort is put in by the sign maker: Does it read well? Are the colors sharp? Is the lettering sharp and the message concise and to the point? We’ll let Premier Signs, a full-service sign and graphics shop in Temple Terrace, Florida—the Tampa/St. Pete area—show us how it’s done.

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