Sign Art did the signage for both of the stores in its city of Lihue that are owned by this Hawaiian jewelry store chain.

Featured Project: Signage From the 50th State

This project comes to us from the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the northern-most and—spare one tiny island just to its west—western-most island in the volcanic archipelago that makes  up the chain of islands that comprise our 50th state. On Kauai, in the city of Lihue, is Sign Art, a company with a collective two-decades-plus experience in the sign business among its staff.

Banners, all types of electrical and traditional signage, large-format printing and lamination and even business cards are what keeps this shop going. That, and its reputation: Hawaii’s largest jewelry manufacturer and retailer, Maui Divers Jewelry, chose the company to make the signage for its stores on that island. On its Facebook page, the staff at Sign Art sent out “a big Mahalo to @mauidiversjewelry for letting us make all of your new signs at both of your Lihue stores!”

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