The signage for this health care facility was designed to be modern and comforting.

Featured Project: Signage Designed to Comfort

Overland Park, Kansas­-based Dimensional Innovations, a full-service signage firm, was hired by Spira Care, a primary care health care facility in Kansas City, to design and install signage that would match the facility’s mission, which is to provide care for its patients in a comforting, non-intimidating nature.

Spira Care was created by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City as a unique new concept in health care. The agencies recognized that health care is often seen by the public as “complicated and uncomfortable,” and it wanted Spira Care to be the opposite.

Dimensional Innovations was brought on by partners Blue KC, Barkley, an integrated marketing agency, Helix Architecture + Design, and Pulse Design Group to bring the space to life—fabricating and installing the final designs. Centric served as the general contractor.

Spira Care started with just two locations but in 2019, three more will be added.

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