J. Dub's Metalworks
Farms and ranches are a popular destination for signage made by J. Dub's Metalworks of Montana.

Featured Project: Signage Made for Western Skies

Belgrade, Montana-based J. Dub’s Metalworks has been making their unique brand of signage and decorative graphics since 1980. The company was founded by Jerry Wayne Bement, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, native who joined the Air Force and then, after retiring from the service, became a professional horseshoer. You could say that’s where J. Dub’s got its start, for it was through horseshoeing that Bement learned how to use fire to work with iron. Settling in Ellensburg, Washington, Bement’s first commission that didn’t go onto a horse’s foot was a weathervane, and he never looked back from there. Today the company is located in Montana and owned by Carley and Brad Brenteson, and they continue to carry on the tradition started by the guy that everybody called J. Dub.

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